My Artprize 2010 Top 10

I love Artprize! I’m completely enthralled while walking around Grand Rapids viewing the creativity that has exploded from people’s souls. If I could, I would spend every waking hour taking everything in. The scope of the thing is intimidating. There is so much to look at, to experience, that its impossible to feel completely justified … (Read More)

Helping build a school in Haiti

I have some friends, Jay and Jen Kroll, who are heading to Haiti, March 28-April 2, 2010, in order to help World Vision build a school. Last night, they had a gala and silent auction to help raise funds for the trip and school. I had originally hoped to have a piece made for the … (Read More)

Tiger Maple handplane

I decided to build my own wooden hand plane after seeing planes from Larry Marshall and Kari Hultman. Making a wooden plane is almost a craftsmans right of passage, like a Jedi building his own lightsaber. (Sorry, should have issued a nerd alert.) It is an extremely fulfilling project and can provide some great learning … (Read More)

Art Fire and Etsy

Over the course of the last couple weeks, I finally launched an Etsy shop and an Art Fire studio for Scott Meek Woodworks. I only have two items for sale currently at both locations: the Maple and Cherry tray and the Butternut/Walnut treasures box. I hope to have a few more items for sale in … (Read More)

Sketch concepts for picture frames.

I launched my Etsy shop yesterday, and one of the things I’ve noticed right off the bat is that I don’t have enough items for sale. I’m hoping to get at least one of the other box designs that I posted earlier done in the next few weeks. Even so, I want to offer some … (Read More)

Shaped box concept

This is another box concept I’m currently working on. It will require a lot of shaping with rasps, spokeshaves, and planes, which I’m VERY excited about. I had a tough time trying to draw other proportional sketches of this box, so the above sketches really don’t show whats fully in my head. I had an … (Read More)

Black and White Box, drawing

After being so thrilled with the way my first box turned out, I’ve decided to design and build a few more different styles. I’ve drawn this one a few different ways now, and I’m still not sold on it completely. It may just be my inability to draw, so I might mock one up. At the … (Read More)

Butternut and Walnut Treasures Box, update #2

I’ve now applied two coats of linseed oil and beeswax. Need to wait a couple days before I can put a 3rd coat on, and then another week, when I may finish with Shellac.  Once that is done, I will get some final pictures of it before giving to my friend who is eager to … (Read More)

Butternut/Walnut box update

The box is completely assembled! Only thing left to do is apply the linseed oil and bees wax finish. And so, without further ado: