Auctioning off a Mesquite and African Blackwood Smoothing Plane for Moore, OK

Mesquite and Blackwood Smoothing Plane

I am auctioning off the Mesquite and African Blackwood Smoothing Plane and donating at least 50% of the proceeds towards the relief efforts in Moore, OK. As you can see, the Mesquite has some truly unique and stunning curl figure in it and the contrast of the Blackwood makes this one of my favorite planes I’ve ever made.

If you would like to bid on this plane, you can find the listing here on Ebay. The higher the plane ends up selling for, the higher the percentage I will be donating. This really is a special plane and whomever ends up with the winning bid can take pride in the fact that their purchase, while exciting for them, will also directly help people who have lost so much to the recent tornados in Oklahoma.

Be sure to click here and enter your bid. The auction ends on June 10 at 10AM EDT.

Just a note, eBay wrongly took my original listing down. It is back up now, but all prior bids were lost. I have no way to contact those previous bidders. The entire thing was handled very poorly by eBay and after this, I doubt I will ever sell there again. EBay still has a chance to make it right, but I doubt they will. I am very sorry if you bid on this once and your bid is now gone.

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