New Classes and a New Jointer Plane Kit, Coming Soon

Three Plane Class – August 2016 Make a Smoother, Jack, and Jointer with me in beautiful Asheville, NC The August Three Plane Class is now full! I will schedule another for later in the year, or next spring. I first mentioned the possibility of having this class last year, but I have wanted to offer … (Read More)

New Ready To Ship Planes, Plus, A New Class Idea.

Ready To Ship Planes and Spokeshaves Your workbench is begging for new shop friends! I wanted to share some of the recent additions to the Ready To Ship page. I am pretty proud of these planes. Hopefully, you will see something that begs to be added to your tool chest. The Brazilian Rosewood Block Plane … (Read More)

Welcome to the new!

I am so excited about this refresh of my website. It has been in the works for months, and I believe the wait has been more than worth it. The new site is cleaner, more streamlined, and works much better across all platforms, including on mobile devices. I hope that you take some time to … (Read More)

Upcoming Lie-Nielsen Events and Online Class Schedule Update

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Nashville, TN, March 13-14 I am excited to be heading to Nashville for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event this coming weekend! The event is taking place at Fort Houston, a “creative, innovative, and technological resource for those who wish to teach and those who seek to learn.” If you are … (Read More)

New Ready To Ship Planes, Custom Planes, the Wave Grip

New Ready To Ship High Angle Smoothers At a length of 8″ and an iron bedded at 60°, my High Angle Smoother excels at tackling the toughest wood grain you can throw at it. I’ve recently added two of them to my Ready To Ship page. The first is Osage Orange with an Ipe wedge … (Read More)

Try out my planes at a couple upcoming Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events

Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild – January 16-17 This coming weekend, I will be at the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild. The event runs from 10am-6pm on Friday and 10am-5pm on Saturday. Mark Hicks, from Plate 11 Bench Company will be there as well. For more information on the event, including directions to get there, click here. Palomar … (Read More)

New Blade Width Options & The High Angle Smoother

New Width Options For Plane Irons Up until now, I only offered my planes with a 2″ wide blade (other than the Block Plane, of course). My only real reason for that is that I personally like them wider. Well, after hearing from a few potential customers that wished for thinner width options, I have … (Read More)

Support ALS research.

Earlier today, I was challenged on Facebook to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Chris Kuehn of Sterling Tool Works. For those that don’t know, this challenge has become a viral phenomenon that has raised awareness of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and has helped raise millions of dollars to aid in research. … (Read More)

Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest

The amazing tool chest/tote pictured above is a project I am incredibly excited to be a part of. It is the Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest and it will be given away at the upcoming Woodworking In America conference in Winston Salem, NC, September 12-14, 2014. The chest came about through a discussion I had … (Read More)

Advanced Plane Making Class – Online

I have had quite a few requests for an advanced plane making class, and I’m pleased to announce that it is coming soon. This advanced class will be longer and more in depth than my regular class and it is highly recommended that students will have taken my other class or watched my DVD before … (Read More)

Holy Crap, I’m a Plane Maker!

I recently wrote a piece for my friend, Ron Hock’s, newsletter, Sharp and To The Point. I’ve been meaning to link to it from here and finally getting around to it. You can find the article through Ron’s blog: Holy Crap, I’m A Plane Maker! I’m really thrilled with how the article came out and humbled … (Read More)

Woodworkers Fighting Cancer

Since 2010, Marc Spagnuolo, aka, The Wood Whisperer, has been holding an annual event called Woodworkers Fighting Cancer in order to raise money for cancer research. The following is their mission for this year: We are woodworkers united in the fight against cancer. Our goal for 2013 is to raise $10,000 for CancerCare, a national nonprofit … (Read More)

Win an exclusive Wood Plane Weekend!

What is the Wood Plane Weekend you ask? Well, first of all, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a weekend, but Wood Plane Weekend just sounds better. The “weekend” is three days of immersion into wood body planes with yours truly. I will help you craft another wood bodied plane (not the plane you order of … (Read More)

Handworks – May 24-25 in Amana, Iowa

If you are at all interested in hand tools, you need to make it to Amana, Iowa for the Handworks show taking place May 24-25, 2013. The list of makers that will be there is very impressive. Here are just a few: Benchcrafted (They are the evil geniuses behind this incredible event) Blue Spruce Toolworks Brese Plane Bridge … (Read More)

Need a last minute gift idea? Gift certificates!

I now have gift certificates available. They are perfect for the woodworker or appreciator of fine woodwork in your life. These gift certificates can be used towards my wood bodied planes, the upcoming online plane making classes, or furniture and other custom items I sell here on the website. The best part is that they … (Read More)

I’m now offering plane making classes online!

I have decided to start offering plane making classes online. The classes will be live, using the Hangout feature of Google+ and limited to 3-4 students each. This will allow discussion and questions to happen in real time. Students won’t be required to have a webcam to participate, but will need a microphone at minimum. … (Read More)

Christmas Orders and Woodworking In America

If you have been looking wistfully at my planes but haven’t yet placed an order, might I recommend asking Santa (or his helpers) to bring you one on Christmas day? Orders placed before October 15th will have guaranteed delivery for Christmas, so be sure to put a Scott Meek Woodworks plane at the top of … (Read More)

[Poll] Help Name That Smoother, win a $25 gift certificate

Recently, I held a contest on my Facebook page to pick a name for my White Oak Smoother. Well, plenty of great names were suggested, and two of them resonated strongly with me. So strongly, in fact, that I haven’t been able to decide between them! The names are Blue Collar Smoother, suggested by Derek … (Read More)

And we’re back!

I was finally able to get the site back up after finding out yesterday that it was down. I hope you didn’t miss me too much! If you notice anything funky as you browse, use the contact form to shoot me a quick email and let me know. Everything should be fully functional, but I … (Read More)

Changes to my Plane Adjustment Mallet

I wanted to let everyone know a couple changes I’ve made to my Plane Adjustment Mallet. First of all, I’ve changed the species of the handle to Ash. I feel that this is a much stronger and long lasting option than the Olive wood. The Olive looked great, but Ash has always been one of … (Read More)

Good News/Bad News

First, the good news: orders for my planes have taken a massive jump of late, due mostly to kind words from Shannon Rogers and Mark Harrel. I’m incredibly honored that more and more people are finding my planes worthy of their hard earned dollars. It’s definitely encouraging when something you work so hard on starts … (Read More)

Glowing review of my planes

I recently received an order for a Tiger Maple Smoother from The Renaissance Woodworker, Shannon Rogers. Shannon also is the man behind The Hand Tool School, an online, subscription based source of a wealth of hand tool knowledge and instruction. He and I had talked on a few previous occasions about developing some sort of … (Read More)

Announcing an exclusive partnership with The Hand Tool School

Check out this video from Shannon Rogers, the man behind The Renaissance Woodworker and The Hand Tool School, unboxing some planes I sent him this week. I’m really excited about this opportunity to partner with Shannon and The Hand Tool School and to soon announce the exclusive deals for HTS members. I’m in great company there, with … (Read More)

Pricing adjustments and an option phase out.

As you may know, my family and I recently moved from Michigan to North Carolina. On all accounts, this move has been wonderful. We feel tremendously thrilled and blessed to live in such a beautiful area (just check out the picture at the right from a hike 30 minutes from our house) full of amazing … (Read More)

The Sketchbook

I’m launching a new feature for Scott Meek Woodworks today. The Sketchbook will give you unparalleled access to the process of new designs as they happen. Subscribers have the privilege of seeing new pieces I create before anyone else, which means they also have the first chance to purchase the one they fall in love … (Read More)

Why I Do What I Do, Part 1

When a Craftsman of to-day sets to work to make a chair, the knowledge which he takes so much for granted is the stored-up inheritance of generations of craftsmen who had preceded him. He is profiting by their discoveries, their failures, and adding whatever of its own particular worth in new processes the present age … (Read More)

Low Chest with Drawer

I’m realizing a couple things in my designs I’m doing lately. I like designing with curves. I love the life it adds to a relatively simple basic form. Imagine the piece below with all straight lines, it would be pretty boring, missing anything that would catch your eye or add life to the space it … (Read More)

Wall Hanging Book Cabinet

This is a bookshelf design I’m working on. I need a shelf over my desk at the shop to hold some of my woodworking books, so I came up with this. Its about 32″ x 20″ with hand dovetailed drawers and shelves attached to the sides with through mortice and tenons. I like the design … (Read More)

My Artprize 2010 Top 10

I love Artprize! I’m completely enthralled while walking around Grand Rapids viewing the creativity that has exploded from people’s souls. If I could, I would spend every waking hour taking everything in. The scope of the thing is intimidating. There is so much to look at, to experience, that its impossible to feel completely justified … (Read More)

Helping build a school in Haiti

I have some friends, Jay and Jen Kroll, who are heading to Haiti, March 28-April 2, 2010, in order to help World Vision build a school. Last night, they had a gala and silent auction to help raise funds for the trip and school. I had originally hoped to have a piece made for the … (Read More)

Tiger Maple handplane

I decided to build my own wooden hand plane after seeing planes from Larry Marshall and Kari Hultman. Making a wooden plane is almost a craftsmans right of passage, like a Jedi building his own lightsaber. (Sorry, should have issued a nerd alert.) It is an extremely fulfilling project and can provide some great learning … (Read More)

Art Fire and Etsy

Over the course of the last couple weeks, I finally launched an Etsy shop and an Art Fire studio for Scott Meek Woodworks. I only have two items for sale currently at both locations: the Maple and Cherry tray and the Butternut/Walnut treasures box. I hope to have a few more items for sale in … (Read More)

Sketch concepts for picture frames.

I launched my Etsy shop yesterday, and one of the things I’ve noticed right off the bat is that I don’t have enough items for sale. I’m hoping to get at least one of the other box designs that I posted earlier done in the next few weeks. Even so, I want to offer some … (Read More)

Shaped box concept

This is another box concept I’m currently working on. It will require a lot of shaping with rasps, spokeshaves, and planes, which I’m VERY excited about. I had a tough time trying to draw other proportional sketches of this box, so the above sketches really don’t show whats fully in my head. I had an … (Read More)

Black and White Box, drawing

After being so thrilled with the way my first box turned out, I’ve decided to design and build a few more different styles. I’ve drawn this one a few different ways now, and I’m still not sold on it completely. It may just be my inability to draw, so I might mock one up. At the … (Read More)

Butternut and Walnut Treasures Box, update #2

I’ve now applied two coats of linseed oil and beeswax. Need to wait a couple days before I can put a 3rd coat on, and then another week, when I may finish with Shellac.  Once that is done, I will get some final pictures of it before giving to my friend who is eager to … (Read More)

Butternut/Walnut box update

The box is completely assembled! Only thing left to do is apply the linseed oil and bees wax finish. And so, without further ado:

Butternut and Walnut gift box

I was asked by a friend to make a box for his mom to hold cards that are very special to her. I put together some ideas in Google Sketchup, and asked some fellow woodworkers for their input using Google Wave. It was an interesting experience to get real time input online. Here is the … (Read More)

Music that inspired me in 2009

I listen to a lot of music while I’m in the shop.  I have some great in-ear, noise canceling headphones that protect my ears from the noise of the tools and also allow me to listen to things that help inspire me while I work.  I also listen to audiobooks and podcasts, but that’s for … (Read More)

Update on Maple and Cherry tray

Starting to think this may be a serving tray instead. I’m just not going to want to cut on it! Finished it with Tried & True’s Original Wood Finish, which is Linseed Oil and pure beeswax. Ended up using Bubinga for the plugs and feet.


This is what I’ve been working on today.  I’ve had the Maple sitting in the shop for awhile with such a unique grain pattern, just waiting for inspiration to hit. I made a comment on Twitter this past Sunday that I needed to create something this week, and asked people that follow my tweets to … (Read More)

Building an Oak replacement door.

I got to build an Oak interior door the last couple days to replace this one, which was burned in a fire. This has been a fun little project.  Just waiting for the glass, and for the painter to stain and lacquer the door, then I will install it.