New Blade Width Options & The High Angle Smoother

New Width Options For Plane Irons

Up until now, I only offered my planes with a 2″ wide blade (other than the Block Plane, of course). My only real reason for that is that I personally like them wider. Well, after hearing from a few potential customers that wished for thinner width options, I have finally made them available on Smoothers and Jacks. When ordering one of those planes, you will now see another drop down menu with options for either a 2″, 1 3/4″, or 1 1/2″ blade width.

Skinnier blades means skinnier planes. Those of you with smaller hands, you’re welcome, and sorry for not making this available from day one. They aren’t just for smaller hands, however. I really think a High Angle Smoother with a 1 3/4″ blade is hard to beat if you only need to deal with localized difficult grain. Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better.

See the new options for a custom width Jack Planes here or Smoothers here.

Introducing the High Angle Smoother

High Angle Smoother Osage

The High Angle Smoother is the latest addition to my family of planes. It is 8″ long, as opposed to the 9 1/2″ of my regular smoother. The bed angle is 60°. This plane is perfect for those times when needing to avoid tear out on the toughest woods. The shorter length helps when working localized spots of difficult grain. Even with the heavier resistance of the high angle, the plane is incredibly comfortable to use. The back grip is more vertical, putting your hands and wrists at a very natural angle, which provides that comfort. While it is meant for the most difficult jobs, you will want to find as many reasons to use the High Angle Smoother as you can.
Available now in all the same wood options as my other smoothers. Blade width options are 2″, 1 3/4″, or 1 1/2″. Click here to see more and to order yours today.
The High Angle Smoother pictured is Osage Orange with a Bocote crosspin and wedge. It was purchased at WIA a couple weeks ago.

Osage High Angle Smoother

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  1. Scott was wondering what size plane iron you used for the oak smoother in the DVD- “Make a Wooden Smoothing Plane”. Gave the DVD as a gift but didn’t order the iron at the time from
    Pop Woodworking. Thanks. Have Nice holiday.

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