New Ready To Ship Planes, Custom Planes, the Wave Grip

New Ready To Ship High Angle Smoothers

At a length of 8″ and an iron bedded at 60°, my High Angle Smoother excels at tackling the toughest wood grain you can throw at it. I’ve recently added two of them to my Ready To Ship page.

Osage and Ipe

The first is Osage Orange with an Ipe wedge and crosspin. This is being sold as a blemished plane due to a couple checks in the Osage at the top of the plane. These checks will in no way affect the quality of the plane in use. Check out more info and pictures here.

Resin Infused Afromosia and White Oak

The second is resin infused Afromosia (also known as African Teak) with a White Oak wedge and crosspin. This smoother is also being sold a blemished plane due to a crack in the wood at the top of the toe. This crack was present before the infusing process, so the resin will be more than enough to stabilize it. For more info and pictures of this Smoother, click here.

Additions to the Custom Plane Portfolio

Spalted Pecan 28 inch Jointer

In case you were unfamiliar, I regularly craft custom planes in different wood species than I normally offer. You can see some of them at my Custom Plane Portfolio page. I have just added a 28″ Jointer that I recently made out of customer supplied Spalted Pecan. It turned out to be a beautiful and unique plane that I’m excited to show off. Check out more pictures of this Jointer and the other custom planes by clicking here.

Spalted Pecan 28 inch Jointer Grip Detail

The Wave Grip

Spessart Oak and Ipe Eave Grip 16 inch Jack

I have announced the new grip options for the 12″ and 16″ Jacks and the 22″ Jointer previously, but I did not have a name for it. I was recently chatting with my friend, Mark Hicks, of Plate 11 Bench Company (the best Roubo style benches you can buy), about my frustrations with calling it the “dual handed grip” and he said I should call it the Wave Grip. I love it. It fits perfectly. Thanks Mark!

22" Mesquite Jointer w/ Wave Grip

I’m very proud of the Wave Grip. It adds so much to the Jacks and 22″ Jointer by allowing many different ways to hold the plane depending on the work being done. The shaping of this grip is the culmination of everything I have learned in the last 5+ years of making planes and shaping wood. I sincerely hope that passion comes through every time someone uses one.

Tiger Maple 16 inch Jack Wave Grip


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