Pricing adjustments and an option phase out.

As you may know, my family and I recently moved from Michigan to North Carolina. On all accounts, this move has been wonderful. We feel tremendously thrilled and blessed to live in such a beautiful area (just check out the picture at the right from a hike 30 minutes from our house) full of amazing people.

I have to grasp at straws to find negativity in regards to it all (other than being away from some family and good friends, but those relationships far out span the distance). That said, there is one negative item that is becoming glaringly obvious to me: the wood that I use for my planes is more expensive here. Finding good supplies of Tiger Maple and Osage has proven to be a bit more work than I expected.

Going Up

Due to these increased material prices, I’ve decided now is the time to adjust my prices accordingly. Starting Monday, July 25, the price of my Jack Planes will be increasing from $360 to $395, while the price of the Smoothers will increase from $325 (for Osage and White Oak) and $355 (for Tiger Maple w/ exotic sole) to $375 for each.

Added Feature

With the price increase, I will also be adding a feature to all my planes except the Tiger Maple Smoother: an Ebony insert in front of the mouth. This will drastically cut down on wear at the mouth of the plane, thereby increasing it’s life. The reason the Tiger Maple Smoother will not include this upgrade is because it already has an exotic wood sole.

Bye Bye Bubinga

This brings us to the next change I will also be implementing on July 25. Bubinga will no longer be available with the Tiger Maple planes. I want to add a bit of consistency and connectedness between each of my planes, so in order to recognize this, I will be making all my crosspins, wedges, mouth inserts, and soles out of Ebony.

This way, if you want to order a Osage Smoother and a Tiger Maple Jack, they will have the similarity in the wedge and crosspin, complementing each other aesthetically. An added benefit of this is that it simplifies a bit the materials I have to keep stocked up on. The Ebony will really look great with the Tiger Maple, just like it already does with Osage and White Oak.

Five, and Counting

That said, I know many of you may be saddened that the Bubinga option is going away. So here is the deal, if you act quickly, you can order one of the last five Tiger Maple and Bubinga hand planes I will make. That’s right, only five more will ever be made. Now cue the infomercial voice: “But wait! There’s more!” Those five orders, before July 25th, will be covered under the existing pricing structure.

There’s a strong possibility that those five orders will fill quickly, so take advantage of the lower pricing and limited edition Tiger Maple and Bubinga as soon as possible! Now, if you happen to not desire the Tiger Maple/Bubinga option but want to take advantage of the lower pricing, no problem. However, those orders still count toward the five plane limit.

Please Don’t Miss Out!

To recap, only five planes total are available right now at the current prices. If you want Bubinga as your crosspin and wedge, that option can only be included in those same five planes. You DON’T have to buy the Tiger Maple/Bubinga to take advantage of the old pricing, just be one of the five to order before Monday, July 25th. Don’t hesitate to click the Buy Now buttons below, because they will go quick.


Tiger Maple and Bubinga Jack:


Tiger Maple and Bubinga Smoother:


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