Shannon Rogers

This is officially my favorite Jack plane. Well done Scott. Poetry in planing!

Stewart Crick

Move over Lie-Nielsen there’s another smoothing plane on the shelf! Not only has Scott Meek shown me another use for quarter-sawn White Oak, he’s delivered an awesome smoothing plane. I believe Scott delivers the best value in smoothing planes surrounded in exceptional craftsmanship.

Andy Brownell

If you ever have the opportunity to try one out at a show, do it. They fit into your hand like no other tool. Their performance is extraordinary for a wood body plane. Precision fit and finish coupled with a Hock blade make a killer combination for performance. Using one is really an experience unlike any other in woodworking. It’s the kind of tool you make a special trip into your workshop for five minutes just to pick up and make some shavings with. These planes, so artfully crafted by Scott will have a very special place in my heart and hands for years to come.

Kevin C

Hi Scott, I got the plane on Saturday and haven’t put in down yet. Beautiful work! Love it ! Thanks again.

Christopher Schwarz

The craftsmanship on the tool is top-shelf; it’s like a piece of sculpture with its flowing lines. I quite like the tool, though I’d probably buy a shorter one for my smaller shop.

Vic Hubbard

I have the pleasure of owning a Tiger Maple Jack plane made by Scott. It is a very sweet plane set at 55 degrees. It is one of the few planes I own that can always be counted on to handle the gnarliest grain and do it with ease. In addition the adjusting hammer that Scott made is also quite sweet and very easy to use.

Mark Harrel

What an AWESOME smoothing plane I received from Scott Meek today! Meticulous attention to detail, pride in craftsmanship, whisper-thin shavings, bombproof packaging–Scott hits the ball out of the park with this great tool. Scott–your plane just knocks my socks off! Cheers!