Woodworking Classes Offered In Asheville, NC

One of the things I’ve come to discover about myself over the last 5 years is that I really enjoy teaching others about woodworking. I’ve been teaching people how to make planes for a couple years now, in person, through my online classes, or with my DVD. I also had the chance to teach some basic woodworking classes at Asheville Hardware and Gregory Paolini Design in the past. I am now offering locally based, hand tool woodworking instruction at my own shop here in Asheville, NC.

I am offering these classes in 4 hour sessions. This structure allows you to learn the things you want at a pace you choose. Each 4 hour session costs $125 and includes one on one instruction with me, in my workshop. I provide the tools and materials, you provide the desire to learn. For project based classes, there may be extra material costs required.

Multiple session classes can take place over a minimum of one session per day and up to two and a half sessions per day. It is also possible to spread sessions over the course of a few weeks if one wanted. Lunch is included for multi-session days.

Some basic class options available include:

  • Backsaw Basics – Learn about western style backsaws. This class covers essential basic techniques: choosing the right saw for the job, how to start a cut, proper stance and grip, cutting to a line, and more. Minimum of 1 session, but could be 2 if deeper instruction is requested
  • Sharpening Plane Irons and Chisels – Learn how to get consistent, sharp results when sharpening your plane irons and chisels. 1 session.
  • Tuning and Using Wood Body Planes – Learn how to adjust the iron in a wooden plane to get the best cut for the job. Learn how to tune the sole of a wooden plane to adjust for seasonal wood movement. Learn how to troubleshoot your plane to solve common problems. 1-2 sessions.
  • Make a Smoothing Plane – This is the same info that I teach in my online classes and on my DVD, but you get the benefit of learning in person with me. In the class, you will make a wooden smoothing plane out of 4/4 quarter sawn material. Requires 4 sessions and an $85 material fee. (other material options are available upon request)
  • Dovetails By Hand – Learn how to cut dovetails using only hand tools. 2 sessions
  • Mortise & Tenon – Learn how to hand cut a mortise & tenon joint. 2 sessions
  • Intensive Hand Tool Joinery – This 4 session class combines the dovetail and mortise & tenon classes.
  • Build A Drawer With Hand Tools – This class covers dovetails, material selection and prep, making and installing a drawer bottom, and fitting the drawer for use. 5 sessions
  • Dimension Lumber With Hand Tools – Odds are, at some point you will need to work with lumber that doesn’t fit on your powered jointer or planer. Learning how to dimension a board by hand is a critical skill to have. 2 sessions
  • Custom project options are available upon request. Just use the contact page to send me an email with your request and we will work out the details for your project.
  • If you have any questions regarding my classes, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will help you out.

Whether you live near Asheville or you are planning a woodworking vacation to the area, I will strive my best to make your experience learning from me informative, fun, and worth your hard earned time and money. My 4 hour session make it easy to add classes to a visit to this beautiful area while still having time to take in the sites and other local activities. It may be worth checking out Explore Asheville for more information about visiting here.

To schedule a class, you can call me or use the email contact form, both provided by clicking here.

This is officially my favorite Jack plane. Well done Scott. Poetry in planing!

- Shannon Rogers

Move over Lie-Nielsen there’s another smoothing plane on the shelf! Not only has Scott Meek shown me another use for quarter-sawn White Oak, he’s delivered an awesome smoothing plane. I believe Scott delivers the best value in smoothing planes surrounded in exceptional craftsmanship.

- Stewart Crick