Changes to my Plane Adjustment Mallet

I wanted to let everyone know a couple changes I’ve made to my Plane Adjustment Mallet.
Lignum Vitae Plane Adjustment Mallet
First of all, I’ve changed the species of the handle to Ash. I feel that this is a much stronger and long lasting option than the Olive wood. The Olive looked great, but Ash has always been one of the best woods for handles due to it’s strength and flexibility. The color also compliments the Lignum Vitae quite well I think.
Second, I’ve lowered the price of these hammers to $85. I believe it’s the best option for adjusting my planes, and I’m hoping this change will mean you will be more apt to combine this great mallet with your plane order. Using the right tool for the job is important to the quality of enjoyment of our work. These mallets are definitely the right tool for adjusting plane blades. Not too mention any other use one might have for a smaller mallet.

Check out the updated Lignum Vitae Plane Adjustment Mallet page to order yours today.

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