New Ready To Ship Planes, Plus, A New Class Idea.

Ready To Ship Planes and Spokeshaves

Your workbench is begging for new shop friends!

I wanted to share some of the recent additions to the Ready To Ship page. I am pretty proud of these planes. Hopefully, you will see something that begs to be added to your tool chest.

The Brazilian Rosewood Block Plane with checkered texture in the picture above is the epitome of all the texture experimenting I’ve been doing over the last year. I am so excited about this option. It is definitely something I hope more customers request. I will also be exploring it further on future planes, just because it is so fun to do. See more of this plane or to make it yours, click here.

By the way, I have very little of this Brazilian Rosewood left. Only enough for a couple more block planes or a couple spokeshaves. If you wish to have one, let me know.

Another textured plane, but this one is carved. It is Tiger Maple and Bubinga with a 50° bed. Click here for this Smoother.

Tiger Maple and Ipe High Angle Smoother. What better to tame your highly figured woods than with a highly figured plane?

I know that this 12″ Wave Grip Osage Orange Jack won’t be for everyone, but if you like character in your wood, than this will be hard to beat. Easily one of the most unique planes I’ve ever made. The knots and checking have been filled with resin and are not going to affect the quality or usability of the plane. I like to think of them as tattoos. This Jack has attitude and isn’t afraid to show it. Being Osage, it will continue to get better looking with age. Check it out here.

Everyone needs some Mesquite in their tool chest. There is no other wood like it that I know of. A Scrub Plane needs to be tough and Mesquite is up to the task, while looking great at the same time.

These three spokeshaves are available as well. The first is White Oak, next is Resin Infused Tiger Maple, and last is Spalted Pecan.

Right now, all these planes and spokeshaves are just sitting on a bench, wishing they were doing what they were made for: helping someone craft their finest work. Don’t you want to give them that? *Cue heart string tugging singer songwriter music. Check out all these tools needing a new home by clicking here, and let their adorable pictures draw you in.

Gauging Interest In A New Class Idea

I have an idea for a class that is in its infancy and thought I would start throwing the idea out there to see how much interest there may be. It is a class that I will be teaching next summer at the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild, but I am thinking about opening it up at my shop here in Asheville as well.

The class is an intensive, week long plane building course. It would involve making a Smoothing Plane, a 12″ Jack, and a 22″ Jointer. These would be made just like I do, including my grip options. Due to the size of my shop, the most I can accommodate is 3 people per class, so the instruction will be extraordinarily individualized.  The cost would be $1150 plus materials (minimum of $350, but can very depending on the wood species the student chooses). For contrast, purchasing these three planes from me would cost anywhere between $2300 and $3700.

Lunch would be provided each day. There are easily accessible hotels and even a campground within 10 minutes in every direction. Asheville has amazing restaurants and breweries to check out in the evenings. Also, if there is time in the week, we would check out one or two locations of high interest to woodworkers that we have in the area. Not to mention the beautiful Appalachian Mountains! I’ve thought that Asheville is the perfect woodworking vacation destination since moving here in 2011. I hope there is enough interest in this class for people to get to check it out.

If this interests you, please let me know! If you have one or two friends that would want to take the class together, we can schedule it to fit your calendar. If enough people show interest, I will start putting one or two on the calendar each year. Let me know if you prefer Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer if you were going to take this class also.

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